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An Introduction...

South Shore Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is a full-fledged Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Practice, directed by Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD.


SSP&RS prides itself as being a “one-stop-shop” for all surgical and non-surgical needs of the community. We follow a significantly different practice model in this day and age of “fast-in/fast-out” care; SSP&RS places the patient FIRST, with our average consultation time of one hour.  This provides ample time for ALL questions and concerns to be addressed without feeling rushed in addition to dramatically increasing thoroughness while decreasing the chance that something is “overlooked”; which patients report occurs more often than we would all like to admit.


With 17 years of training under his belt, Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD, specializes in the full spectrum of Cosmetic Surgical Procedures such as Breast Augmentation/Lift/Reduction, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), “Mommy Makeovers”, Liposuction, Facial Rejuvenation to include Facelifts, Rhinoplasty (“Nose-jobs”), Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Rejuvenation), just to name a few; as well as Non-Surgical Rejuvenation such as Botox, Fillers, Lip Augmentation and CoolSculpting. Skin care is a passion of Dr. Landon’s, working closely with numerous local Dermatologists to repair Mohs defects following the removal of skin cancers, as well as providing entire-body skin cancer care ranging from yearly Skin Cancer Screening, to the diagnosis, definitive surgical treatment, and subsequent reconstruction of skin cancer – a true “one-stop-shop”. For weight loss patients, Dr. Landon is closely involved in the Bariatric Center at Good Samaritan Hospital, regularly speaking at the monthly support group meetings.  He offers all variety of body contouring options for our Bariatric Patients, helping them take the final step in their weight-loss journey by removing excess skin and providing a recontoured, aesthetically pleasing result.  So many of our weight loss patient’s feel that this is the final, critical step in their individualized weight-loss journey, after which they finally “feel” like they have lost all the weight the scale “tells them they have lost”.  Dr. Landon finds this to be one of the most gratifying and truly enjoyable aspects of his practice.


Additionally, Dr. Landon is passionate about Breast Health. A weekly staple on the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Leadership Committee at Good Samaritan Hospital, and new Board Member as Director of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition; Dr. Landon is involved in every aspect of caring for those afflicted with and affected by Breast Cancer.  He is a regular participant in the Breast Cancer Support Groups, aiding all he can in any way possible.  At Good Samaritan Hospital, he is one of only 2 main Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons performing Breast Cancer Reconstruction.  The first to utilize SPY Angiography at Good Samaritan, this advanced technology permits the real-time assessment of the viability of Mastectomy Flaps during the first stage of Breast Reconstruction resulting in fewer complications and improved reconstructive results.  Dr. Landon takes his “one-stop-shop” approach to all operative procedures as well; providing advanced pain management and nerve blocks permitting patients the ability to wake up from general anesthesia following bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction in little to no pain, with the vast majority of patients reporting absolutely NO PAIN following surgery!  This amazing achievement has been a passion of Dr. Landon’s for years, whom now finds it extraordinarily rewarding to have patient after patient report that they have not experienced any pain whatsoever at any point following long, arduous procedures.


From Oncoplastic Reconstruction, making traditional contour deformities and signs of Lumpectomies virtually INVISIBLE, to complete and total Breast Reconstruction following mastectomy; supporting those with Breast Cancer clearly holds a special place in Dr. Landon’s heart.  For those not interested in Breast Reconstruction, for a multitude of reasons, Dr. Landon offers Oncoplastic Breast Closures which provide dramatically improved aesthetic results following mastectomies.


With a strong desire to remain on Long Island, Dr. Landon began his medical training in the prestigious BS/DO program at NYIT/NYCOM: the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.  This program enabled Dr. Landon to bypass a traditional and separate college education, instead, entering a program in which both college and medical school are combined into one shortened experience; taking upwards of 30-40 “traditional” college credits per semester.  Deciding that the call of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was far too strong to resist, Dr. Landon RESTARTED medical school in order to assure matriculation into the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Residency of his choice as an MD as opposed to a DO.  This time, Dr. Landon graduated at the top of his class from SUNY Upstate Medical School in Syracuse, New York, with an MD degree.


Dr. Landon’s training following medical school was as ‘old-fashioned’ as he is.  Bypassing the newer “combined” programs which enable those with ambitions of becoming Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons to entirely skip traditional General Surgical Residencies, instead, matriculating directly into a dedicated Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Residency directly from medical school; Dr. Landon relished the opportunity to expand his field of knowledge and expertise becoming a far more ‘well-rounded’ surgeon.  Due to the incredible difficultly of enrolling in surgical residencies, let alone completing them, over 90% of those moving through medical training must travel all over the country, if not the World, in search of programs with an opening in a process known as “The Match”.  Completing all of one’s training from start to finish in one area, let alone the area in which one actually wants to be is virtually unheard of – traveling and spending years away from home is simply a fact of life in medical training.  Following studies at 2 New York based medical school’s: a DO and an MD school, Dr. Landon completed a traditional Residency in General & Trauma Surgery at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn, New York; notoriously one of the most difficult and rigorous training programs anywhere due to the sheer volume of penetrating trauma treated at Brookdale each year (the highest in not only New York State, but the entire region, during Dr. Landon’s tenure there).


Graduating at the very top of his class as a Board Certified General Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD, combines all that he learned as a General Surgeon specializing in the repair of hernias of all sizes, including Abdominal Wall Reconstruction repairing large and recurrent hernias that have failed surgical repair numerous times in the past.  This enables the combined repair of Umbilical/Ventral Hernias (hernias of your bellybutton) with cosmetic Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in ONE procedure.  This completely AVOIDS the necessity of a scar on the patient’s belly near the bellybutton, instead, approaching the hernia from the Abdominoplasty scar hidden lower down beneath the panty-line.  Dr. Landon’s incredible experience in Trauma Surgery at Brookdale University Hospital not only awarded him the nomination as Trauma Chief of the Year, but, the continuous ultra-fast paced, “life-or-death” situations he found himself in every single day, especially during the warmer summer months, provided him with confidence under pressure and an ability to remain focused and unperturbed during even the most stressful operative situations.  The General & Trauma Surgical Residency at Brookdale University Hospital is well known for the autonomy it provides its residents – something absolutely foreign in the “big name ivy league residencies” around the country.  Instead of standing behind the Attending Surgeon merely watching a procedure being performed, or, participating in a very controlled and limited manner; Brookdale’s Residency completely reverses those roles – the residents find themselves in complete charge of the situation, deep in the proverbial ‘trenches’, as the Attending Surgeons observe from afar.  This instills within the Resident not only the ability to take complete control of any situation and calmly direct those around how to help, and what role to play; but continuously drills into the subconscious the ability to remain calm, cool and level-headed at all times in an instinctual manner.


Finally, to complete the “trifecta” of Medical School, General & Trauma Surgical Residency and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Residency all within New York State; Dr. Landon matriculated into one of the most highly regarded and prestigious programs in the United States: The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Residency at The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPS).  LIPS is the oldest (founded in 1948 by Dr. Leonard Rubin, MD) and largest (over 20 surgeons) Plastic Surgical Practice in the United States.  Already very familiar with the program after spending a year there between his 2nd and 3rd year of General Surgical Residency as the very first Research Fellow in the history of The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group; establishing a Research Fellowship which has now become as prestigious and highly sought after as the Residency itself; Dr. Landon studied under giants in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery including Dr. Barry Douglas, Dr. Bruce Brewer, the late Dr. Vincent DiGregorio, and the world renowned Dr. Roger Simpson.  Dr. Landon was permitted to chase his passions of Breast Reconstruction, advanced Nasal Reconstruction and Rhinoplasty, as well as the surgical correction of Facial Paralysis, advanced Hand Surgery, and numerous other topics.  He continued these studies even after returning to Brookdale to complete his General Surgical Residency – utilizing “post-call” days meant for sleep as research days to continue working on his numerous research projects; often after being awake for over 24 hours, with countless nights spent running between the trauma bay and operating room treating one operative trauma patient after another.


Unlike any other Residency in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is a private practice.  Dr. Landon found himself with operative privileges at many of Long Island’s largest and most well-known hospitals: from Northshore/LIJ in the West, to Stony Brook in the East.  From Winthrop in the North to Mercy in the South.  And about 10 other hospitals and private surgi-centers in-between!  Home base was split between the main LIPS office in Garden City, which housed 2 private operating theaters where hundreds of cosmetic surgical cases were performed each and every year of training and Nassau University Medical Center in which the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Residents ran everything from the Burn Center (the largest in Nassau County with a catchment area encompassing around a million potential patients) where we performed ALL critical care, burn reconstruction and day to day care of those critically injured from all manner of thermal, electrical and chemical, to name a few, injury, to the Wound Care Center, Hand Surgery Center, and Plastic Surgical Clinic providing both Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery to our patients.  The program was so unique, on any given day one could find themselves at 4 or 5 different hospitals, performing cases as varied from a carpel tunnel release at a surgi-center, a Breast Augmentation at the private office in Garden City, then heading to Winthrop for a reconstructive case to remove a skin cancer and reconstruct the defect, then off to Southside Hospital for a bilateral Breast Reconstruction via dual TRAM flaps, all the while managing and overseeing the critical care of burned patients in the Burn Unit at Nassau University Medical Center.  Dr. Landon graduated with roughly 2,400 Plastic & Reconstructive Cases logged during the course of his 3 year Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Residency at The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group.


Following 17 years of intense training, all within New York State, Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD, entered Private Practice.  Founding and opening South Shore Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in 2016, he opened the doors officially to patients on Monday, August 1, 2016.  Finally coming full circle, Dr. Landon has returned to the hospital in which he was born, raised in its shadow, and now practices in: Good Samaritan Hospital, in West Islip, New York, on Long Island’s South Shore.  All aspects of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery are practiced at South Shore Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery; from Breast Reconstruction to Skin Cancer Screenings, Diagnosis, Treatment and Reconstruction – all in one place.  All forms of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures from advanced Rhinoplasty (Nasal Reconstruction / “Nose-Jobs”) to the artistic combinations of various facial fillers and Botox to non-surgically rejuvenate the face.  Furthermore, many procedures are handled in our relaxing, private procedure room; enabling the patient to avoid the hospital all together.  From the removal of skin lesions and congenital skin nevi, masses (“lumps and bumps”), scar revision, hand surgery, to the treatment and reconstruction of skin cancers located anywhere on the body: anything requiring precision and extreme attention to detail can be handled in the comfort of the private procedure room.  For larger procedures requiring General Anesthesia or Sedation, Good Samaritan Hospital is located a convenient 200 feet from South Shore Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery; offering one of Long Island’s best surgical facilities, and critically, most highly trained Operating Room Nursing and Support Staff.  Following surgery, post-operative patients are absolutely pampered by one of the best teams of Recovery Room Nurses ANYWHERE in the business.


In the world of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery there are many pretenders and people masquerading as ‘Plastic Surgeons’, ‘Cosmetic Surgeons’, ‘Cosmetic Physicians’, etc… Why put your health care in the hands of someone without the specialized training that an accredited, prestigious Residency Program in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery provides?  Why place the care of a loved one with a practitioner more concerned with seeing the most patients per hour as possible, than seeing only ONE patient per hour?  We at South Shore Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery invite YOU to come and experience what it feels like to be that ONE PATIENT PER HOUR.


South Shore Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to making YOU feel secure by knowing you are in the hands of a professional who dedicated years of his life to providing the very best care possible.  Catering to the unique, personal needs of each and every patient; Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD can assure you will NEVER feel rushed, all your questions and concerns will be addressed, and you will receive the very highest quality care available.

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